Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Works in Progress

I always seem to have a bunch of works in progress going on at once. Since I like looking at other people's works on blogs I thought someone else might too. Here are just a few of my many projects.

Here are some fabric yo yos I made with the largest of my clover yo yo makers. These are going to be made into keychains. I love these yo yo makers and cant stop making fabric yo yos. These here are made from a book of fabric samples. I am always looking for new uses for these.

This box is the latest in a series of boxes using modgepodge and fabric scraps to create decorative boxes. The idea came about when I was trying to figure out what to do with the fabric scraps I was collecting. I really didn't want to throw any of them out because I felt it would be wasteful. Most of the bigger scraps I have already made into a whole bunch of cat toys. And best of all the box I am using now came from a Trader Joes box of caramels we got for Christmas. The label actually peeled off nicely.

The power company came and cut part of the tree out back so it wasnt in the way of the power lines. They left us with a log that I decided to make some wooden coasters from. So I got my grandpa to cut the log down into coasters for me. I have about half of them sanded already. Since the weather is warming up I should be able to finish sanding them before too long. Then all I need to do is put a clear coat of sealant on them. Then sand them and put a final coat of sealant on them. And voila!

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