Saturday, February 19, 2011

Toasted Almond and Cherry Nougats

A few days ago I decided that I really wanted to try making homemade nougat. So, I started looking through some info and recipes online. I finally decided on Emeril's Toasted Almond and Cherry Nougats on food network's website. I couldn't wait to try out the recipe and I was excited when my mom brought all the ingredients home yesterday. Until we realized that she had forgotten the candy thermometer. lol! After we got that straightened out we were ready to make our nougats.
Pictures (top to bottom) : Sugar Mixture, Whipped Mixture, Killer Nougat, Finished Nougats

These are very tasty-although weird as it may seem I think I prefer nougat plain. We had a fun time making them even though we got pretty sticky. Since we have so much nougat, we will probably share some.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!

Happy Valentines Day! I can't believe I have been blogging now for a whole year. My how time flies when your having fun. I am really enjoying the blogosphere and I am kind of obsessed now with checking the stats for my posts. I am looking forward to another year of posting. Thanks to everyone who has read a post or 2, left a comment, and/or followed my blog. I hope you will continue to stop by and check out what I have been up to.

~Chelsea :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Etsy Amethyst/Purple Finds

I can't believe it is already February! It is almost time to celebrate being another year older. (my birthday is on the 24th) I decided to do an Etsy blog feature inspired by my birthstone which as many may know is Amethyst. "Amethyst is a violet variety of quartz often used in jewelry"-wikipedia. The color purple is also my favorite color, I hope you will like these finds in purple hues as much as I do.

February Amethyst Violet Mosaic Pendant by nutmegdesigns

Fingerless Gloves - Dusty Purple by ginaminda

Purple Noir giclee fine art print by karenfaulknerart

Hand Embroidered Needle Felted iPod Touch case/ iPhone sleeve / BlackBerry cozy by julieandco2

Purple Hand Felted Brooch by KatieCreated

Pair of Graceful Mugs in Lapis Satin by AbbyTPottery

Wallet in AFRICAN DANCE - Zippered by Batwa