Sunday, October 30, 2011


Any craft that re-purposes items rather than throwing them away is a great one in my book. So, when I found this tutorial on ScoutieGirl a while ago I had to give it a try. I first tried this tutorial out in December of last year but only had the opportunity and the supplies to make the one featured in a previous blog post. So, I began saving some of the belated holiday cards. I also thought that making an ornament or two out of solid cardstock in a variety of colors would look nice. And then an ad for a magazine with lots of pictures and colors to it came in the mail and I thought I would see how it would look as an ornament. So, I got to work making these ornaments and finally got around to the assembly the other night. I think they turned out pretty nice and I like that they don't all look the same. To craft one of your own- Holiday Keepsake Ornament Tutorial.

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