Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Henry and Clementine!

One of the litters of cats that use to be outside recently turned a year old. Some friends took in a couple of the kittens and named them Henry and Clementine. So, I decided to make them a special birthday present. The toy I chose to make is a version of a cat toy(s) on a stick but instead of the regular cotton fabric cat toys I decided to use small fleece fishies. The fishies were a little tricky to sew since they are so small. But since it turned out so cute it was definitely worth it. :) We took them their present last night and they seem to really like it. I hadn't gotten the chance to visit them before and it was really great to see how much bigger they are!

Cat Toy on A Stick Creamsicle with his cousins' new toy

Henry (above) and Clementine(below)

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